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What is Meyerson Strategy?

Tuesday, April 26, 2016
[Updated April 2016]

Meyerson Strategy is intelligence gained from more than a decade watching audience behavior, often minute-by-minute, on Chicago's most prominent Web news site.

Meyerson Strategy is insight built on years in radio -- where the mantra "Don't be a tuneout" is baked into every story. Radio has fought tuneout almost from its inception. Now, when every organization finds its competition just a click away, "being a tuneout" is something no organization can afford.

Meyerson Strategy is innovation, honed on the startup frontier.

Meyerson Strategy is training, based on years of college lecturing.

Is your email newsletter going unopened? Is your website unvisited? Are your Facebook posts unshared? Is your podcast falling flat? Is your staff daunted by audience metrics? Meyerson Strategy will work for you.

A case study

A major professional organization, concerned its content wasn't delivering the audience it could, asked for help. Meyerson Strategy gathered available analytics and then dissected subject lines, Web headlines and layout, social media performance, podcast structure and metrics.

That analysis demonstrated what was connecting and what wasn't -- and how to use insights from the one to improve performance of the other.

Outcome: Five successive months -- and [following text updated Dec. 31, 2013] 10 of the following 12 months -- of record pageviews for a site that previously hadn't seen two successive record months. The owner of the company that helped develop the site calls the results "astonishing."

Meyerson Strategy is about connecting great work with growing audiences -- at the speed of news.

What is Meyerson Strategy? In a word: "Astonishing."

If your great work needs to reach a larger audience, you need astonishing results.

You need Meyerson Strategy.

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So you want to be a podcaster. How will you get people to listen?

Saturday, April 23, 2016
In March, I was invited to address graduate students with Northwestern University's RSG program (devoted to turning "great researchers into great communicators") on the subject of podcasting.

We billed it as: "So you want to be a podcaster: How will you get people to listen?"

Mostly for self-critiquing, I recorded the lecture on an iPhone placed in my shirt pocket.

As I listened back afterward, I was pleased enough with the audio quality to clean it up a bit -- re-editing in some of the demonstration audio and increasing the volume of audience questions to make them more intelligible. (You'll hear a little shirt-rustling, but not much more than you'd get with a standard lavalier mic.)

So, for your listening enjoyment, here it is, presented via the Pop Up Archive platform. 

If you'd like to play along, you'll find the presentation slides here on SlideShare, and embedded below.

Charlie Meyerson ...

Friday, April 8, 2016
...has delivered Chicago-area news for a long time -- including more than 10 years at the city's legendary progressive rock station, WXRT-FM 93.1; almost nine years at pioneering "smooth jazz" station WNUA-FM 95.5; almost 13 years at Tribune Co., as senior producer and Daywatch columnist at and then as news director at Chicago's premier news/talk station, WGN-AM 720. After a year as Chicago bureau chief for the short-lived (but fun) FM News Chicago and New York -- covering government, politics, culture and technology -- Meyerson became founding head of news at the digital radio news startup Rivet; adjunct professor of journalism at Roosevelt University; an occasional contributor to WXRT, WBEZ-FM 91.5 and Crain's Chicago Business; and principal at Meyerson Strategy, a content strategy, podcasting and media consulting practice. (Updated April 2016.)

Charlie Meyerson and Meyerson Strategy, recommended

Friday, April 8, 2016
A career devoted to creating content that keeps and builds an audience -- from award-winning radio news that kept music-loving audiences from punching the button ... to what became Tribune Co.'s highest-clickthrough-rated editorial email product, Daywatch ... to creation of the innovative and award-winning "Tinder for radio news" app, Rivet: Content strategist, podcast engagement expert, social media pioneer -- linking great work with growing audiences online, on-air, in print. (Updated, April 2016.)

A sampling of recommendations. Many more posted to LinkedIn:

Molly McDonough, managing editor, ABA Journal: "Charlie was a positive, energizing force for me and my co-workers. I appreciated the time he spent learning about our operation, then pointing out ways he thought we could improve, and most importantly, showing us how. I especially liked that he rolled up his sleeves and spent one-on-one time with staff answering questions, editing and coaching. His observations and suggestions led us to make immediate changes that proved good for us and our readers."

Boris Geisler, UX & UI design, innovation and production consultant -- and architect of the Rivet Radio app: "Charlie is phenomenal! He combines a level of comprehension, professionalism, and joy that I've not seen in a newsman and story-teller. His attention to detail and sense of righteousness is what makes him a top-notch leader and strategist. He led Rivet Radio to journalistic excellence and a long list of awards. Plus, if it wasn't for Charlie, I wouldn't have the primary news source I enjoy every day! If you're up to something big, hire Charlie! He knows!"

Alison Scholly, former chief operating officer, Chicago Public Media: "Charlie Meyerson is ... creative, well spoken, pays attention to detail, challenges conventional wisdom and has an affable relationship with all colleagues, whether they work in the news department or not. I worked with Charlie for many years at Chicago Tribune Interactive, and his leadership was frequently sought out by others because he was insightful, witty, respectful of others and worked tirelessly to collect and share audience insights with his team. I would hire Charlie into many leadership positions, but especially into roles that require consistent high effort, thoughtful decision-making, strong relationship-building skills and the ability to glean audience insights and take well-reasoned risks."

Walter Sabo, former CEO, Merlin Media; and former vice president, ABC Radio Networks. "Charlie is a great professional ... extremely collaborative and smart. He knows Chicago and understands the needs of the listener and the media community. I would work with him any time, anywhere."

Linda Lenz, then-publisher, Catalyst Chicago: "Charlie examined the audience data for our weekly news e-blast and our Feedburner feed, finding patterns that prompted us to make changes -- mainly in layout and headlines. Almost immediately, our Feedburner 'reach' rose 50%, and our e-blast click-throughs are trending up. Charlie presented his critique in a manner that made them easy for all of us to swallow. It was time very well spent."

Sophia Madana, then-digital/social media specialist, VanderCook College of Music: "I attended a lecture Charlie presented on email marketing. ... After implementing his tips, the open rate of my email campaign is nearing 20 percent and the click-through rate has increased significantly. I happily recommend Mr. Meyerson as a consultant to any company or organization looking to amp up its digital presence without feeling too overwhelmed."

Dan Haley, publisher, Wednesday Journal Inc.: "Several years ago our weekly community newspapers were trying to figure out how to drive traffic to the updated news coverage we were posting to our then new website. We had breaking news on the site but people were still perceiving us as a weekly news product. Charlie ... directly laid out the solution. We had to build an e-mail list of our readers so that we could push out our news updates to them. That solution is probably the most central element of our success digitally. Now, multiple times a week, we send e-mail updates to many thousands of our readers. Today that seems obvious. Eight or 10 years ago it was a fantastic insight from Charlie. He is clear-eyed, problem-solving, direct-talking."

Stephen Anzaldi, internal communications manager, Northwestern University: "When I brought him in to share lessons with my colleagues in the Northwestern University news office, he took it to the next level. Charlie is incredibly effective in clarifying, helping to cut through the noise that has become online communication. Our email news alert is more crisp and sharp as a result. I can't wait to hear what he has to say about content strategy. I plan to work with Charlie again very soon, and I'm tempted to go back to j-school to sit in on more of his lessons."

Lou Carlozo, investment staff writer, U.S. News & World Report: "Charlie is, plain and simple, a visionary of news and radio content. He was the first person I ever met to grasp what 'search engine optimization' meant, in the mid-2000s. He was years ahead of his time. The same reporters who groaned at his wise counsel regarding SEO were scrambling to catch up years later. Charlie is wise, smart as a whip, and hands down one of the best news and radio pros I've ever worked with. I'm grateful for all he taught me, as it allowed me to go to AOL and achieve fabulous results in a short time. He also has a way of promoting loyalty and team play like few others I've met. He's the best, period.”

Kathleen O'Hara, vice president marketing, Direct Energy: "Charlie ... provided a detailed assessment of our social media strategy. He provided the overview with sensitivity and honesty to help us move to the next level."

Bob Rowley, director of media relations, Northwestern University: "Charlie ... presented a fascinating and informative lecture and Q&A for my media relations team at Northwestern University on maximizing our audience and sharpening our Web content. He's a pro, a wise man and a great colleague. He knows the Web and the news business and would bring great insight and value to any non-profit organization, public institution or private enterprise."

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