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Meyerson on Rivet: A sampler

June 15, 2014
Some of what I've been up to behind (or is it in front of?) the microphone at Rivet. All clickable/playable.

The Rivet News Quiz:
Rivet News Quiz: A challenger arises
Rivet News Quiz: This time, it's personal
Rivet News Quiz Show (Beta)

CTA Ventra card deadline: Guide to switching

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel
Acclaimed political reporter Roger Simon
1871 CEO Howard Tullman
Philanthropist and business leader Christopher Kennedy
Pulitzer winner Mary Schmich
Newcity Publisher Brian Hieggelke

Be a radio news quiz contestant -- for real

June 6, 2014
The news quizzes I've been playing with on this blog (and before that, on the WBEZ-FM website) have morphed again into a radio news quiz show, which you now can hear on the Rivet Radio app for iPhone/Pod/Pad.

You can play along on the Web as you listen. And, as of this week, you can apply to be a contestant on this silly little experiment -- with the chance to win a real (strictly in the sense that it's not imaginary) prize.

Hear the latest quiz -- and learn how to submit an application -- here: (Or write to

And check out previous Rivet News Radio quizzes here, here and here.

Chicago Mayor Jane Byrne ... and me

June 5, 2014
Jane Byrne at Chicago's Annual Gay
& Lesbian Pride Parade, June 1985 (Alan Light)
With ailing former Chicago Mayor Jane Byrne in the news because of Sun-Times columnist Michael Sneed's commendable campaign to have ... something ... named after Byrne, I went diving into the archives for some of my more substantial encounters with the mayor.

Here, for history's sake (and with hosting courtesy of Pop Up Archive and the Internet Archive), are two interviews: One from 1991, when -- who remembered? -- she ran a characteristically combative but ultimately unsuccessful campaign to regain the mayor's office; and another from 1992, as she more reflectively reviewed her career and promoted her autobiography, My Chicago.

Both interviews aired on "Point of View," a Sunday morning public affairs show on WNUA-FM 95.5. The first features co-panelists Jenette Kerr, Mary Gannon and Andy Shaw.

1991 interview, during the campaign (with Kerr, Gannon and Shaw):

1992 interview, promoting her book:

On 'Chicago Newsroom' with Ken Davis, Sarah Karp and David Schaper

May 16, 2014
Yes, for those of you who've been calling and writing, I own only one sportcoat suitable for television.

Or check out the audio version on Rivet here.

We'll never apologize for your news quiz privilege

May 8, 2014
Time again to find out if you've been paying attention -- to the @Meyerson Twitter feed, the Meyerson Facebook page, the Meyerson Strategy blog, the Meyerson LinkedIn page and whatever else I've been working on lately ... including Rivet, a reimagining of radio news built from the ground up for the smartphone era.

Take this latest in a series of news quizzes. If your score falls below 60 percent, you'll want to pay more attention to the people and things I pay attention to.

Take the quiz!