Anna Quindlen, talking out loud in 1993

Saturday, May 5, 2018
Approaching Mother’s Day 1993, Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Anna Quindlen—who shaped a generation’s approach to parenthood—stopped by the WNUA-FM studios in Chicago to promote her then-new book, Thinking Out Loud.

Check out this audio—recorded May 5, 1993—to learn why she objected to the name of a Chicago Tribune newspaper section.

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(Book jacket cover photo: Joyce Ravid,)

Trump's precursor? An interview with Pat Buchanan

Thursday, May 3, 2018
In many ways, two-time presidential candidate Patrick Buchanan—former adviser to three Republican presidents (Nixon, Ford and Reagan)—set the stage for Donald Trump’s ascendance.

When Buchanan made 2016’s “Politico 50,” the magazine pronounced Trump “Pat Buchanan with better timing.”

How similar are they? Here’s 20-year-old, unheard-since-broadcast audio of my interview with Buchanan, aired on this date in 1998. What similarities—and differences—do you hear?

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(Photo: Bbsrock.)

The man who REALLY saved Apple

Friday, April 27, 2018
In 1998 Apple’s now-widely-forgotten CEO, Gil Amelio, sat down with me to discuss his relatively brief time atop what was then a struggling company—the subject of his book On the Firing Line: My 500 Days at Apple.

As you’ll hear—and as Engadget noted in 2014—Amelio proved remarkably “accurate … regarding how Apple could get its groove back.”

In at least one way—his decision to bring Apple founder Steve Jobs back to the company—Amelio may truly be the man who saved Apple.

Twenty years to the week after this interview aired—April 26, 1998—you be the judge.

Podcasting do's and don'ts

Saturday, April 7, 2018
If you don’t know the work of the multitalented Dometi Pongo, you should. He’s a radio journalist, a podcaster and a newspaper reporter—not to mention a spoken word artist.

How would you caption this photo of Dometi and me by Cody Bahn?
So it was a privilege to team up with him at the Society of Professional Journalists Region 5 Conference in Chicago, April 7, 2018, to share what we’ve learned about audio production and podcasting.

Among the stuff we covered:

• Podcasting basics.
• Equipment do’s.
• Editing do’s and don’ts.
• Interviewing do’s and don’ts.
• Recording do’s and don’ts.
• Scripting do’s and don’ts.
• How to publish.

The PowerPoint presentation embedded below won’t capture all the fun we had—especially since it’s been converted from the original Apple Keynote to a less-excitingly animated PowerPoint file for sharing here. But if you’re just entering the podcast biz, or if you’re already into it and hoping to get better, this will be of some help.