Mars panorama / Dead, not gone / iPhone pricematch

Tuesday, August 14, 2012
3 things for Tuesday:

MARS PANORAMA. Photographer Andrew Bodrov has knitted Curiosity mission photos into an immersive, spherical view.
* NASA news conference to update Curiosity mission, live on the Web at noon CDT today.
* Science writers: Jonah Lehrer's scientific goofs worse than fabricated quotes.

-- Comic book artist Joe Kubert, 85.
-- Chicago jazz legend Von Freeman, 88.
-- The Onion: "Cosmopolitan Releases 5 Sexy Helen Gurley Brown Obituaries To Drive Your Man Wild."

iPHONE PRICEMATCH. As release of the iPhone 5 nears, Apple has begun lowering prices on current stock, matching other stores' discounts. But says you have to ask.

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Anonymous said...

I have the perfect plan to save $hundreds on an iPhone. Don't buy one.