My first published Marvel Comics fan letter

Sunday, September 2, 2012
Tales to Astonish No. 96, 1967.

I was 12, and I had Merry Marvel Marching Society fever, fueled by a fateful proposal from fellow fan and future comics and TV writer, and -- about three years later -- briefly my editor at Marvelmania Monthly Magazine, Mark Evanier. This (yes, fawning) letter to Stan Lee was the first of many I'd eventually have published in Marvel and DC Comics.

It was a thrill. It made me a celebrity in our little St. Clair Shores, Mich., gang.

Even as my media career unfolded, in print and on air, nothing matched the surprise and satisfaction of seeing my name and my work in the comics, alongside the exploits of the heroes (or, in the case of the stars of "Tales to Astonish," the anti-heroes) of my childhood.

I bought a bunch of copies.

(Click for a more legible view.)
Share your memories below. What gave you a similar thrill as a kid?

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