Chicago Mayor Jane Byrne ... and me

Thursday, June 5, 2014
Jane Byrne at Chicago's Annual Gay
& Lesbian Pride Parade, June 1985 (Alan Light)
[Updated Nov. 14, 2014: Rest in peace, Mayor Byrne.]

With ailing former Chicago Mayor Jane Byrne in the news because of Sun-Times columnist Michael Sneed's commendable campaign to have ... something ... named after Byrne, I went diving into the archives for some of my more substantial encounters with the mayor.

Here, for history's sake (and with hosting courtesy of Pop Up Archive and the Internet Archive), are two interviews: One from 1991, when -- who remembered? -- she ran a characteristically combative but ultimately unsuccessful campaign to regain the mayor's office; and another from 1992, as she more reflectively reviewed her career and promoted her autobiography, My Chicago.

Both interviews aired on "Point of View," a Sunday morning public affairs show on WNUA-FM 95.5. The first features co-panelists Jenette Kerr, Mary Gannon and Andy Shaw.

1991 interview, during the campaign (with Kerr, Gannon and Shaw):

1992 interview, promoting her book: