Ray Bradbury in 1999: ‘I don't believe in the Internet’

Wednesday, June 6, 2012
My interview with Ray Bradbury for chicagotribune.com, back when the idea of a “radio interview for the Web” was a strange new thing. We talked on the occasion of the DVD release of his The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit, and his impending visit to Chicago. From March 4, 1999.

At 8:45: “I don’t have a computer, I don’t believe in the Internet. It’s a step backward. It’s a game show. It’s idiotic. ... It’s a toy, and toys are all very well ... but you can’t get the information you need off the Internet. You go to the library, or you own the Encyclopaedia Britannica and you get the information that way.”

At 9:55: “The remarkable thing is I didn’t set out to write children’s books. But all my books are children’s books ... which is just wonderful.”

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