3 things Chicago: Monday

Monday, July 30, 2012
WELCOME. More jobs for Chicago: Mayor Emanuel says the Reznick Group accounting firm will move at least 150 jobs to the city from Skokie. Later, he promises another announcement about jobs when he visits the Chicago office of Braintree, a company that helps businesses process credit-card payments online.

NEWSPAPER PRAISED. The Daily Herald gets compliments for a pledge to avoid using the name of the Colorado movie-theater shooting suspect "any more than we have to."

TASTE TEST. Simple exercises prescribed by Parade Magazine can help determine whether you're a "super taster" or just the regular sort. Get some blue food coloring and artificial sweetener and test yourself.

2 bonus things:

Free movies on YouTube include a great one from Duncan Jones, David Bowie's son: "Moon." Roger Ebert's 3 1/2-star review.*

The problem with all-caps headlines is (your comments below) ...

*Thanks to reader Cathy Konas for the tip.

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hbssports said...

Thanks for noting this, Charlie. Makes me even prouder to be a regular Herald contributor.