Feeling warm? / Special feelings / Paterno alternative

Wednesday, July 25, 2012
3 things for Wednesday, Chicago:

1. FEELING WARM? A "heat dome" has triggered Greenland's biggest ice melt in 30 years. In Chicago, the Trib reports, heat waves are getting longer, hotter and more frequent.

2. THAT SPECIAL FEELING ONLY ONE WHITE PERSON CAN FEEL FOR ANOTHER. The Daily Telegraph quotes one of Mitt Romney's advisers as saying the Obama White House doesn't "fully appreciate" the "Anglo-Saxon heritage" shared by the U.S. and Britain. The adviser says Romney "feels that ... special relationship is special."

3. WHY THEY SHOULD HAVE LEFT THE PATERNO STATUE WHERE IT WAS. John Kass says Penn State should just have added these words: "Protecting a college football program was more important to him than protecting children from a rapist."


Dave Williams said...

The first two stories are bereft of context and heavy on implied conclusions. That's fine. A hog can be washed from either the left or the right side. The Paterno dig is a pure opinion piece clearly characterized as such. Whatever.

This is what you do so well, Charlie. You provoke mental exercise without prescribing a result. I love you for it.

What I don't understand about any of these three pieces is why I should care, except as a mental exercise.

Which is entirely your point, isn't it? More, please.

Charlie Meyerson said...

I just post ... interesting stuff, Dave!