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Monday, August 6, 2012
3 things for Monday:

ANOTHER WORLD. Curiosity's approach to Mars was a watershed moment in the evolution of news coverage. With mainstream TV ignoring the story for much of the evening, people who cared about the exploration of space turned instead to a combination of NASA's own live feed on the Web (on the big screen with devices like a Roku box), augmented by Twitter commentary. The richness of that combination left CNN's late engagement looking flat-footed.
* Dave Winer: "With the Internet there is no concept of a 24-hour broadcast day."
* NASA tech's Mohawk haircut becomes Web meme
* Latest photos from Mars

'THE MAYOR'S TRANSPARENCY PROMISES ARE WORTH THE PAPER THEY'RE WRITTEN ON. WHICH THEY AREN'T. WRITTEN ON. PAPER. ANYWHERE.' Steve Rhodes, in the Beachwood Reporter, on the launch of Chicago's Infrastructure Trust.

SOMEONE SHOULD ... begin comparing coverage of the Wisconsin temple shootings and the Colorado movie-theater shootings.
* The Onion's satiric story of attack on Willis Tower under fire

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