'Beacon of truth' / Cheaters never ...? / Apple's living-room strategy

Thursday, August 16, 2012
3 things for Thursday:

'BEACON OF TRUTH.' Soledad O'Brien wins praise for grilling John Sununu on CNN.
* National Journal: Presidential campaign on track to tarnish 4 reputations.

CHEATERS NEVER ... ? The Atlantic takes you "Inside Scrabble's Cheating Scandal."
* Wired magazine on Jonah Lehrer's journalistic misdeeds: "He has no current assignments. After gathering the facts ... we’ll make a decision ..."

APPLE'S LIVING-ROOM STRATEGY. The company's aiming to get cable companies to let customers use Apple gadgets instead of standard cable set-top boxes.
* Business Insider: People spend more time watching phones than watching TV.

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