3 things for journalism class

Thursday, September 5, 2013
Your mission, should you choose to accept it ...

* Set up a free Google Voice account, useful for recording incoming phone calls, in files you can later review, edit and post to the Web. Note: Before recording, you must get your subject's permission: "May I record this conversation for possible use on the air?"
-- Want to get picky about picking your Google Voice phone number? Use PhoneSpell.org to find a number that spells out something cool. Google lets you type in words or characters or favorite numbers to see if it has any numbers in your chosen area code that match.
-- More tools and apps for every journalism student

* Create Google News alerts to keep yourself informed on the beat you've chosen.

* Launch a Twitter account so you'll be able to share what you learn with those who care about your beat. Use mobile apps like Zite to Tweet easily from your mobile device.
-- Twitter rewards those who heed Strunk & White: Omit needless words ...
... and those who don't use poor grammar ...
... and those who don't use two spaces after a period.

Next week: How to interview people.

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