Free Wi-Fi / Online news rising / 'Golden Ticket' politics

Monday, September 24, 2012
3 things for Monday, Chicago. Each more fascinating than the last:

FREE WI-FI. Mayor Emanuel's planning to provide free wireless Internet access in Chicago's public spaces -- beginning today in Millennium Park. And the city's launching a "Broadband Challenge," inviting you to submit suggestions on how to improve Chicago's digital infrastructure.
* Microsoft's free online SkyDrive service for collaborative work "is great, and no one has noticed"
* iPhone users caught in Apple-Google crossfire
* Facebook tracking people you stalk on Facebook

ONLINE NEWS RISING. The owner of The Atlantic is launching a new, strictly digital business "publication," Quartz. He tells The New York Times print's a losing proposition: "Pure digital, without any legacy costs, massively trumps print."
* Steve Yelvington: "Social media bad for newspapers? Waah"

'GOLDEN TICKET' POLITICS. Chris Hayes at "Imagine a world in which every minimum wage worker in America is given a golden ticket, like the ones in Willie Wonka's Chocolate Factory. And imagine a law that required TV stations to only take those golden tickets as payment for campaign advertising time."
* JFK on tape berating a military aide: "He’s a silly bastard!"

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