3 things for journalism class

Friday, October 12, 2012
On the table for today's lesson:

BASIC HTML. It comes in many flavors, and most of what you need can be handled simply by selecting text and then clicking an appropriate button in your "content management system" (Blogger, WordPress or others). But being able to tweak the code by hand can be fun and rewarding. Googling "HTML Guide" or "HTML Introduction," for example, will generate many places to learn more. But here's a good one to start.

GETTING PEOPLE TO TALK IS TOUGH. Here are two reasons why:
-- Have you ever been involved with a story that made it into the news? If so, was it accurate?
-- Too many reporters put themselves into situations like this and this.

QUIZ TIME. Eliminate or replace unneccessary or unnecessarily long or redundant words in sentences like this: In order to stop the dog, the officer shot it.

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