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Wednesday, October 24, 2012
3 things, Chicago:

FACEBOOK BREAKUPS. Ever unfriended someone over a political exchange on Facebook? The Tribune's Rex Huppke takes a look what he calls "a rampant severing of social media ties" during this election cycle.
* Ex-Playboy and video game model up for seat on Kane County board

'NOBODY'S ACCUSING JACKSON OF BEING A LOAFER. THEY'RE ACCUSING HIM OF BEING A LIAR.' Steve Rhodes takes apart the strange case of U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.

WHY DO NEWSPAPERS STILL DO THIS? "'He came up with the name "Argo" because he loved knock-knock jokes.' (In the film, the title becomes an off-color joke)." Honest: We can take it. Just tell us the joke. Use bleeps, hyphens, whatever, to protect your imagined audience. But don't leave readers guessing. (Great movie, by the way. The joke -- a pun -- goes like this: "Argo f--- yourself.")
* Finding (or at least seeming to have found) the truth "has become exponentially harder than it used to be" for journalists
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