Not-so-secret ballots / SeeClickFix / Websites that fail

Monday, October 29, 2012
3 things for Monday, Chicago:

NOT-SO-SECRET BALLOTS. ProPublica reports a handful of companies have assembled political profiles matching millions of unsuspecting Internet users.
* Romney satirically endorsed by Joss Whedon, the director who brought you "Buffy" and "The Avengers"

SEECLICKFIX. See something amiss in Chicago? A pothole? A broken parking meter? A slumbering city worker? Take a picture with your smartphone and fire it off to the city for investigation. The four-year-old SeeClickFix service has now been integrated into the city's 311 reporting and tracking system, mainlining your report into the municipal databank. You can then track how (or whether) the city's responding. And aldermen are watching, too.

WEBSITES THAT FAIL. Ten telltale signs your digital presence is overdue for a redesign.
* One new website built for the 21st Century
* Keys to growing digital audience
* What your audience's clicks tell you about what it wants
* Does your site's video suck? You probably know the answer before you post it
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