Rahm vs. Quinn / Lehrer strikes back / Hey, airlines!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012
3 things for Tuesday:

RAHM vs. QUINN. Mark Brown in the Sun-Times, about the fight between Chicago's mayor and Illinois' governor for control of the agency that oversees U.S. Cellular Field ... and that might someday oversee Wrigley Field: "There’s worse things for Illinois and Chicago taxpayers than having the governor and the mayor at each other’s throats." (Photo: Zoonabar via Creative Commons)

JIM LEHRER STRIKES BACK. The moderator of last week's presidential debate says he knew what he was doing, and why. To his critics, he says, "Weren't you paying attention to what was happening before your very eyes?"
* I, moderator. (Tomorrow.)

HEY, AIRLINES! Steve McCabe, writing in TidBITS: "If your iPhone really had the potential to down your plane, would your flight attendant be happy simply to ask you to turn it off, and then trust that you have complied?"

Bonus thing: NBC delays season premiere of "Community" indefinitely.

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Anonymous said...

re: Airlines and electronics, etc...the real reason the FAA wants the self-absorbed iAddicts to put down their iToys for 10 minutes is not that one can cause interference. It's not that five can cause interference. It's that 100 of them transmitting at once can cause interference. An ancillary reason, which covers the other non-transmitting items, is that they want your attention during takeoff and landing in case emergency announcements are necessary. Someone with their noise-cancelling headphones, iPod or other earphone-equipped device is not paying attention. Laptops and iPads need to be stowed to keep them from becoming projectiles.