This page intentionally left blank. (Not!)

Monday, December 10, 2012
3 things better than "This page was intentionally left blank":

A couple of nights ago, as my wife sifted through the week's mail, she laughed out loud and said, "They didn't do a very good job." And then she handed me this page.

Beyond the antiquated absurdity of this practice -- ridiculed by the "This Page Intentionally Left Blank Project" -- why would any company leave a page blank in an era where attention is so valuable a commodity intentionally?

Why not use that space for something more useful, engaging -- or at least more fun -- than a paradoxically wrong message?

Instead of that dumbly robotic note, take a leaf from Wendy Clark, senior vice president at what Fortune calls "the biggest consumer brand on Facebook" -- Coca Cola -- and act "humanly"?

Some suggestions for better ways to use that blank space -- and take the relationship with customers to a new level:
1. "Not much to see here. Want more to read? Follow us on Twitter and Facebook."

2. "Give this page and a crayon to a kid and ask him or her to draw a picture of a wonderful future."

3. "This page intentionally left blank -- except for this sentence and the logo above, both of which we wanted you to appreciate in a space of their own, free of interference from other, more prosaic elements."
What higher use could you find for blank space that would be seen by thousands of people?

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