Bank of America doesn't seem to know 'enormity' is a bad thing

Thursday, April 11, 2013
Bank of America commercial: 'Enormity'
When I heard a new Bank of America commercial (No. 2 on this page) end with the words ...
That's the enormity of rewarding connections. That's Bank of America.
... I couldn't believe my ears. I Googled the words I thought I'd heard and was happy to learn the bank has helpfully posted the whole thing to its Web site, with a transcript that confirmed my perception.

So I don't need a trip to the ear doctor.

But BofA needs a dictionary. Because the primary meaning of "enormity" is, depending on your choice of reference ...
* "An outrageous, improper, vicious, or immoral act."
* Or "outrageous or heinous character," as in "the enormity of war crimes."
* Or "a monstrous offense or evil."
Yes, "enormity" can secondarily refer to something of "large size or scale."

But wouldn't you expect an organization readers took to the championship round in the quest for "Worst Company in America" -- a company compilers of the American Customer Satisfaction Index ranked dead last in 2012 -- to be more careful in its choice of words?

Then again, maybe not.

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