'Man of Steel': Three thoughts

Sunday, June 16, 2013
Three thoughts on "Man of Steel":

1. Scenes reconstructing Clark Kent's childhood are deeply resonant, capable of tugging the heartstrings of fathers and sons.

2. Waaaayyyy too much fighting. After engaging in nonstop battle that almost certainly would have cost human lives, Superman's climactic struggle over whether to take a single life to end the fighting seems ... inconsistent.

3. Although the product placement for which companies reportedly paid a record $170 million can be distracting, one could (and some do) make the case that all the signage just makes the film more authentic -- because those brands are ubiquitous in our reality. But why would companies like Sears, IHOP and 7-Eleven pay anything at all to see their stores destroyed? As they are, time and time again, in fight scenes that seem to go on forever ...

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