This blog's new look … and about that tagline

Thursday, June 20, 2013
A fresh look for this blog debuts today, courtesy of Colorful Revolution. (Proprietor: Joel Meyerson.)

Features to note:

* New title: "Meyerson Strategy," More on that to come. (The old Web address, "," still works.)

* Responsive design means one layout adapts freely to different screen sizes and window widths. (On a desktop computer, try stretching or squeezing the window to watch elements rearrange.) It also means designs, navigation and other features need only be altered once, instead of separately for desktop, tablet and smartphone screens.

* ... Which means a richer, more readable experience for the growing audience on smartphones.

* Less cluttered right rail.

* Sharper, more readable text. (Black on white in many cases, and a more obvious color for links.)

And a footnote for anyone who's wondered about that tagline above: "New thoughts, ready and waiting to explode." It's from the song "Shape of Things to Come," originally recorded by Max Frost and the Troopers, and later by the Ramones.

More to come. Because we love trying new stuff. Comments and suggestions always welcome. Email us.

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