Captain Kangaroo in 1994: 'Power Rangers' was teaching troubling lessons

Saturday, October 26, 2013
Bob Keeshan, 1999
(Photo: Alan C. Teeple)
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From the archives, Oct. 12, 1994:

Bob Keeshan, beloved iconic host to children’s TV shows for the second half of the 20th Century as “Captain Kangaroo,” paid a visit to Chicago in 1994 to promote his then-new “Family Fun Activity Book.”

He shared his thoughts on kids’ TV of the day, including “Barney and Friends,” which he called “shallow”; and “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers,” which he warned was teaching American kids a lesson they’d eventually have to unlearn:

“Despite what the Power Rangers, the good guys, do ... violence is not an appropriate way to solve problems in real life.”

Here’s the full interview.