Standard time: A ridiculously detailed guide to falling back

Friday, October 31, 2014
Daylight Saving Time[As originally posted to the gone but not forgotten—by me—Daywatch blog Oct. 28, 2005.]

Standard time returns Sunday morning. The official Daywatch plan for dealing with what can be a confusing transition:

1. Saturday night, set your alarm clock for 2 a.m.
2. Go to bed.
3. Awaken at 2 a.m.
4. Set all your clocks back one hour.
5. Don’t forget clocks on desktop computers, laptops, telephones, cell phones, beepers, pens, refrigerators, convection and microwave ovens, TVs, VCRs and other audiovisual equipment.
6. And the car dashboard.
7. Change batteries in smoke detectors.
8. Important: Reset alarm for your usual wake-up time or risk being trapped in an infinite loop.
9. Go back to sleep.