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Thursday, May 12, 2016
Andy Crestodina
(Orbit Media studios photo)
If you don't know the work of Orbit Media leader Andy Crestodina, you should. Every time I hear him speak, I walk away with so many ideas and so much inspiration my head wants to bust open.

And the reaction's the same from everyone I know who's heard him.

Part of what makes Andy so compelling is his generosity of spirit. His eagerness to share ideas, tips and what others might consider secrets is contagious.

After hearing him Thursday at the American Marketing Association in Chicago, I walked away with a long list of things to check out and things to remember.

In the spirit of Andy, here are just a few:

Things to check out


Things to remember

My post for the Orbit Media blog
  • Feel free to double-post content, but don't publish all at once. Designate one occurrence as the original and link to it from subsequent repostings (as I did with my contribution to the Orbit Media blog on creating podcasts -- later reposting it to this blog).
  • Email signup boxes are essentially important. (Note to self: Spiff yours up.)
  • Be more proactive in connecting with anyone through social media. (Tip: Don’t forget apps like Spotify. Sure, go ahead and link with me there. I'm not ashamed of my taste in music, even though my kids ridicule it. Which is their responsibility, of course.)
  • When someone shares or comments on your work in one channel (Facebook, for instance), thank them through another channel (LinkedIn or Twitter, for instance) to strengthen your social media connection.
What's on your list? Share your recommendations for cool things below.

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