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Monday, May 2, 2016
As I periodically do here, I'm sharing interesting job listings.

Peter Barber notes Lipman Hearne's in the hunt for ...
... an energetic Project Manager with experience in managing client relationships and processes necessary to complete digital, video, and print projects (websites, digital and offline advertising, and print collateral). The Project Manager will be responsible for managing the execution of projects from inception through delivery. This will include development of project plans, scheduling, and budget tracking, with a high attention to detail. This position will partner with various teams across the agency to ensure that multiple projects are on schedule, within scope, and within budget.
And Joel Meyerson reports lots of open jobs at Jellyvision, which is often named one of Chicago's best places to work and describes itself like this:
The promise of doing funny, meaningful, helpful work that we can be proud of is what makes us all get out of our beds in the morning, even when it means waking up right in the middle of that recurring dream where we fly through outer space with a kind horse-headed man. If working and playing with a bunch of smart, lovable goofballs sounds like fun, get in touch and let us know what you’d bring to the table.

Tell 'em Charlie sent ya.

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