I conceal-carried my way to applause

Friday, June 24, 2016
Recorder, ready to be
concealed and carried
When I was invited to perform at a karaoke benefit on the stage at the legendary FitzGerald’s Nightclub for the innovative and important “Collaboration for Early Childhood“ (a pioneering public-private program to get families the support they need when it can do the most good: Before kids enter kindergarten), I knew I’d need to compensate for a lack of talent.

I chose the element of surprise.

Inspired by this guy, I conceal-carried a recorder on stage last night, whipping it out of my pocket at (almost) the right time …

Here’s how it played out.

Mercifully, no one (that I know of) gathered video. You’ll have to imagine the passive stance each time I say “hold me tight” and the big double-thumbs-up when I say “groovy.” Also: Sunglasses.

If you enjoyed this–or even if you didn’t–how about a contribution to the Collaboration?

[Thanks to far-more-talented and uninhibited emcee Mike Cramer and Joe Stephen of Standing Ovation DJs for advance support and a good time had by all.]

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