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Saturday, August 13, 2016
This blog will take a break for a few days.

Right now, though, is a good time for you to catch up on all the archival interviews posted here over the last couple of weeks. Why, this week alone, you've had a chance to meet …

Helen Thomas, journalistic scourge of presidents.
Bunnicula creator James Howe.
The judge who wouldn't let me out of jury duty, Ed Burr.
Star Trek expert Mark A. Altman.
Perpetually—and professionally—annoyed columnist Neil Steinberg.

And last week:

Chess for Dummies author James Eade.
WXRT News and CNN alumnus Charles Jaco.
Pioneering internet journalist Kara Swisher.
Richard M. Nixon confidant Monica Crowley.
1968 chronicler Jules Witcover.

More fun later in August—including three interviews with a funny person who also happens to be a Pulitzer Prize winner (and who somewhat foresightedly called on my boss to fire me) and a Nebula and Hugo award-winning science fiction writer.

Meanwhile, make sure you don't miss a thing:
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