Nixon on the Clinton White House, as related by Monica Crowley in 1998: 'Didn't anyone learn anything from Watergate?'

Thursday, August 4, 2016
Monica Crowley
With the Clinton family and—by many comparisons to the Trump campaign—Richard Nixon’s administration in the news during the 2016 presidential campaign, what better time to look back to the way Nixon viewed the Clintons?

Here’s my 1998 interview with Monica Crowley, Nixon’s confidant until his death in 1994 — and in the years since, a Fox News analyst. When we met, she was promoting her book on his last days, Nixon in Winter, a work that historian Garry Wills said showcased Crowley’s “unquestioning adulation perpetually on tap.”

And yet, Crowley’s recollections of Nixon suggest he had some measure of self-awareness near the end. About 17 minutes into our chat, she says Nixon looked on the Clinton administration of the 1990s and asked in exasperation, “Didn’t anyone learn anything from Watergate?”

Today’s blast from the past.

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