Wanted: Stellar (paid!) audio news intern

Wednesday, December 21, 2016
The award-winning Rivet Radio is in the hunt for an audio news production intern—a paid position the company hopes to fill as quickly as possible.
Rivet Radio interns get nonstop hands-on experience with an exciting startup organization. Rivet's an audio creation and distribution company with a newsroom in Chicago. It creates national and global news every day, along with custom audio for a variety of customers. This position reports to the VP/news but will also work closely with the managing editor and VP/marketing while also researching and editing stories to be distributed on Rivet’s app and through Rivet's business channels. 
Qualifications include but are not limited to: 
• Knowledge and proficiency in Audacity and Adobe Audition.
• An ear for sound and the ability to edit audio seamlessly,
• The ability to work and communicate effectively with clients.
• Solid computer skills and the ability to master proprietary software.
• Strong organizational and communication skills.
• The ability to work independently.
• A willingness to ask questions. 
Responsibilities include:
• Helping newsroom with news gathering.
• Creating promos and liners for Rivet.
• Tracking down other audio content.
• Communicating issues and concerns proactively. 
Interns who fulfill or exceed expectations will be eligible for a part-time offer after the internship. 
Send a resume, audio sample and script to recruitment manager Sheila Solomon, 2 N. Riverside Plaza, Suite 1400, Chicago, Ill. 60606. 
For more information, contact Sheila at Sheila.Solomon@rivetnewsradio.com.

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