Belated farewell to a consumer champion

Tuesday, January 3, 2017
Clarence Ditlow championed auto safety for decades.

From my 1980s-era Rolodex
(Yeah, yeah, I know 'safety' is misspelled.)
I missed word of his death several weeks ago, but he was (as demonstrated by this yellowed Rolodex card from my days at WXRT, 1979-1989) a frequent, reliable and straightforward interview many times for this young reporter.

As noted in the latest issue of Consumer Reportswhose parent, Consumers Union, cofounded the Center for Auto Safety, for which he served as longtime executive director—Ditlow's "fearlessness and tenacity prompted critical safety recalls that reduced traffic deaths and made a profound difference in the lives of millions—families spared from untold tragedies because of his determination and the many victories he won on their behalf."

Rest in peace, Mr. Ditlow. And thanks for the interviews.

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