'Charlie is a pioneer in the e-newsletter headline business'

Thursday, April 13, 2017
A run of nice media coverage lately for Meyerson Strategy and its new flagship venture, Chicago Public Square. (Sign up here.)
Photo: Steve Ewert
That quote above comes from a profile by veteran media columnist/radio producer/book publisher Rick Kaempfer, writing for the April 2017 issue of Illinois Entertainer.

In a roundup of “9 Editorial Guidelines for Your Blog,” Andy Crestodina and the ace content strategists at Orbit Media Studios cite my longstanding advice on headlines and subject lines: “Assume your audience isn’t interested. Place the story’s most interesting word or phrase as close as possible to the start of the headline.”

Not long before that, Greg Mischio said in his Winbound blog: “Charlie Meyerson: He pioneered Chicago news email” and is “verrry good at the email game.”

Email remains the single best way to reach a digital audience with which you have a relationship—whether they're readers, listeners, viewers or customers.

And Meyerson Strategy can help.

Email anytime: Charlie@MeyersonStrategy.com.

(Photo: Steve Ewert.)

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