Podcasting do’s and don’ts

Saturday, April 7, 2018
If you don’t know the work of the multitalented Dometi Pongo, you should. He’s a radio journalist, a podcaster and a newspaper reporter—not to mention a spoken word artist.

How would you caption this photo of Dometi and me by Cody Bahn?
So it was a privilege to team up with him at the Society of Professional Journalists Region 5 Conference in Chicago, April 7, 2018, to share what we’ve learned about audio production and podcasting.

Among the stuff we covered:

• Podcasting basics.
• Equipment do’s.
• Editing do’s and don’ts.
• Interviewing do’s and don’ts.
• Recording do’s and don’ts.
• Scripting do’s and don’ts.
• How to publish.

The PowerPoint presentation embedded below won’t capture all the fun we had—especially since it’s been converted from the original Apple Keynote to a less-excitingly animated PowerPoint file for sharing here. But if you’re just entering the podcast biz, or if you’re already into it and hoping to get better, this will be of some help.

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