Help wanted: ABA and Happenstance

Saturday, August 25, 2018
As I do from time to time, I’m sharing a couple of opportunities for people with The Right Stuff.

My friends at the American Bar Association are seeking a director of digital content: “… a visionary content strategist for a unique opportunity to reinvent the digital user experience. … Build your own team of dynamic content creators and digital marketers that will reshape what it means to be a member of one of the world’s most important and prestigious professional associations at a crucial time for both the ABA and the profession.” Details and application here.

And the team at the emerging Chicago audio storytelling app Happenstance, which I serve as an informal (unpaid) adviser, is in the market for someone to help “on the marketing side (particularly social media, SEO, etc.) so we could have someone consistently dedicated to generating awareness and helping us build an audience for our soon-to-be-launching startup. Right now, we’re considering both freelance marketers and marketing agencies, specifically agencies that are familiar with startups and would fit our fun, quirky brand. Must have experience with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Bonus points: LinkedIn and SnapChat.” Email

Tell ’em Charlie sent ya. Or email me.

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