Let the rebuttals begin

Sunday, July 22, 2012

If you want a sense of what it'll be like at your funeral, lose a job.

This LinkedIn recommendation from the wonderfully talented Dave Williams almost brought me to tears:

"... Dedicated to the highest ideals of journalistic integrity, Charlie never blurs the line between fact and opinion but tells each story with unquestionable authority and humanity. He is smart but never smarmy. He's a wordsmith who crafts every concise sentence with balance, perspective and warmth. When you hear or read a Charlie Meyerson story you come away with the satisfaction of being fully informed and left to draw your own conclusions. He never tells you what to think or how to feel but gives you every reason to do both. ... He is simply a master of his craft and one of the finest men you'll ever meet."

Thanks, Dave.

Meyerson's professional profile on LinkedIn.


Beth said...

Spot on, Dave! Well said!

You're a gem, Charlie. Beloved. And I'm glad that LinkedIn provides folks with the opportunities to say as much in a context, since the same sentiment might feel strange if expressed to you, say, over beers.

Dave Williams said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dave Williams said...

I wrote "I'm glad you like it, Charlie." Then figured it was unnecessary so I removed the comment and now it shows you that I removed a comment which might make you think I wrote something I regretted. Sheesh.