3 things to cut your TV bill

Tuesday, August 21, 2012
1. Call your provider and ask for the cheapest package that gives you access to the channels you must have. If you're not a sports fan, Comcast's Blast Plus service may do the trick: Comedy Central, CNN and other basic channels plus high-speed Internet service for $79.95. (Alternative: Tell the company you're considering switching and want a discount on your present package. The company wants to keep you as a customer, so odds are good it'll to offer you a deal.)

2. Dump premium channels and instead sign up for Netflix or Hulu Plus. If you have a device such as a Roku, Apple TV, Xbox or Wii box connected to your TV, you can watch either of the services on the big screen. (Apple TV and Roku compared here.)

3. Dump the monthly fees for TiVo or the cable company's DVR and instead get a USB TV tuner adapter that'll let you record over-the-air HD signals onto your computer's hard drive.

* EyeTV offers an app that'll stream live or recorded EyeTV shows to an iPhone or iPad.
* If you also have a Roku box: The free Nowhere DVR channel for Roku lets you stream shows from a Mac running EyeTV software to your Roku.)

What suggestions for cheaper, better TV experiences can you share? Comments, please.


mikejaz2 said...

You neglected to mention European and Asian pirate sites...now THAT'S the cheap way to go!

Charlie Meyerson said...

I guess I should have specified "legal"!

Anonymous said...

Cancelled my TV service years ago...just use the net, now. That's the ultimate way to save on your TV bill!

Christopher Brown said...

86% of TV owners have a pay service, either dish or cable. I find this amazing since we have neither. With an antenna, we get dozens of channels in the Chicagoland area, mostly in full HD. That includes six PBS offerings. We have DSL through ATT which is robust enough to support our streaming Netflix on Roku and we pay about 20 bucks a month total for TV and internet.