Hangers on / Hacked lately? / Buzzfeed vs. D.C.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012
3 things (all right, 3 groups of things) for Wednesday:

HANGERS ON. The Huffington Post's decision to lead to its coverage of the Todd Akin "legitimate rape" controversy with an image of a wire hanger has triggered controversy of its own.
* Song explains "legitimate rape"
* Akin says VP candidate Ryan personally urged him to drop out
* Top Republican defends total abortion ban
* Politico reporter disciplined for Tweets on Akin story
* WSJ/NBC poll shows 0 percent support for Romney among African Americans

HACKED LATELY? Why your passwords are less and less secure these days.
* An easy way to create strong passwords
* Google's advanced two-step verification makes things even more secure -- but also makes logging in more inconvenient

BUZZFEED vs. D.C. The Washington establishment faces an organization whose mission includes "reducing content to its most atomic, most snackable unit" and whose bureau chief tells the Nieman Journalism Lab, "If it’s news, it’s news. If it’s interesting, it’s interesting."
* Newspaper to "those of you who feel the need to slam us on our own page": "You will be deleted"
* The one thing newspaper visionaries of the '90s failed to see

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Anonymous said...

"But I suspect that we'll overcome these challenges, and that two-step verification will eventually become the norm. Every day, we get fresh evidence that passwords aren't enough to protect us from the bad guys online. It's time we stopped pretending they were."

Actually, what we need to stop doing is pretending that anything on a public network using servers that we do not control is secure or can be made secure.