Can THAT cause pregnancy? / Obama ad strategy / Home on the wane

Thursday, August 23, 2012
3 things for Thursday:

CAN THAT CAUSE PREGNANCY? A Republican Senate candidate tells a reporter who asked him to clarify his position on abortion: "Go f--k yourself."
* Mother Jones flow chart answers question "Can I get pregnant?"

OBAMA AD STRATEGY. The Washington Post's Greg Sargent says a new campaign illuminates the reelection team's thinking on whether the president should try to persuade voters the economy is recovering.
* U.S. middle class has "worst decade in modern history"
* 9 things we know about how social media shape elections

HOME ON THE WANE. The majority of traffic now bypasses big media companies' home pages as more visitors arrive through the "side door."

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Anonymous said...

Politico isn't a credible source of political news, it's a left wing advocacy site. This item is agenda driven, it is not meaningful news. Not worthy of a post on your fine blog in my opinion.

Charlie Meyerson said...

If the Politico account isn't to your liking, Anonymous -- thanks for the kind words about the blog -- here are essentially similar accounts from ...

* The Seattle Times:
* The Spokesman-Review:
* Slate: