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Thursday, October 11, 2012
3 things, Chicago:

5 THINGS TO WATCH IN TONIGHT'S DEBATE. No. 1 in Politico's analysis: Can Joe Biden draw blood?
* Google image results plague Romney.
* The story behind that photo of Rommney's behind.
* Guy who gave Obama-related super PACs $1 million tells reporter: "We’re going to go after your publication, you, and whatever."
* My long-ago WXRT partner, Garry Lee Wright, and I will be experimenting with a new form of realtime video analysis of the debates, using a Google Hangout. If you'd like to witness all the beta action -- Garry had a breakthrough moment yesterday when he realized he could dramatically improve video quality by removing shrinkwrap from the camera lens -- follow me on Twitter, where I'll Tweet a link tonight. Be warned: My office is a mess.

FREE THINGS. To mark its 50th anniversary, Wendella Boats is offering free rides all day on its Chicago Water Taxi service.
* The aforementioned Garry Lee Wright is offering a few free promotional copies of his new autobiography, "Happiness for Beginners," rich with references to 'XRT, Tribune Co. and other iconic Chicago things. Drop him a note at happinessforbeginners@earthlink.net to tell him why you deserve a copy. (Trivia: Garry's book dropped the same day FM News imploded, so it became an instant collector's item in that my back-cover endorsement blurb was dated on publication. Kind of like this 1963 publishing mishap.)

3 THINGS ABOUT JOURNALISM SCHOOL. Is it still relevant? A resounding yes from a journalist in Cleveland.
* "Matt Drudge is arguably the single most powerful individual in the digital news business."
* "No, giving away the news doesn't mean lower-quality journalism"


Andonia Christina said...

I don't think I would have released that photo to begin with, accurate caption or not. They're not obligated to release every photo they take, are they? Someone was definitely snickering as he put that one through.

Charlie Meyerson said...

Good point!