So you want to be a podcaster. How will you get people to listen?

Saturday, April 23, 2016
In March, I was invited to address graduate students with Northwestern University’s RSG program (devoted to turning “great researchers into great communicators”) on the subject of podcasting.

We billed it as: “So you want to be a podcaster: How will you get people to listen?

Mostly for self-critiquing, I recorded the lecture on an iPhone placed in my shirt pocket.

As I listened back afterward, I was pleased enough with the audio quality to clean it up a bit — re-editing in some of the demonstration audio and increasing the volume of audience questions to make them more intelligible. (You’ll hear a little shirt-rustling, but not much more than you’d get with a standard lavalier mic.)

So, for your listening enjoyment, here it is, presented via the Pop Up Archive platform. 

If you’d like to play along, you’ll find the presentation slides here on SlideShare, and embedded below.

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