Apple's win, your loss? / 'The Count' down / Empire State photos

Saturday, August 25, 2012
3 things for your weekend:

1. APPLE'S WIN, YOUR LOSS? Andy Ihnatko says the billion-dollar verdict in the Apple vs. Samsung patent fight -- if upheld on appeal -- could mean "the next great phone, the one that shames the iPhone the same way that the iPhone buried the Blackberry, will never make it to market."
* Your next mobile phone could look and feel less familiar
* Cost to replace a smartphone's apps with 14 separate gadgets? $1,200

2. 'THE COUNT' DOWN. Jerry Nelson, the Muppeteer who voiced "The Count" on Sesame Street and "Gobo" on Fraggle Rock, is dead.
* Highlights of his work.

3. EMPIRE STATE PHOTOS. How news sites handled witnesses' graphic Twitter, Instagram and Flickr images of the mayhem in New York. Warning: Link leads to images of dead bodies.

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