McDonald's test / iPhone tips / Journalists getting paid?

Wednesday, August 8, 2012
3 things for Wednesday:

McDONALD's TEST. It's experimenting with a plan to serve "breakfast after midnight."
* Slate's Matthew Yglesias: Papa John's founder warns that Obama health care reform will lead to imperceptibly small pizza price increases.

* Best free news app: Zite.
* Most underused shortcut: Undo by shaking.
* New Yorker app (and latest issue in full) available free.
* Wizard World releases free app guide to this weekend's Chicago Comic Con.

WAIT: JOURNALISTS ARE GETTING PAID? A federal judge has ordered Google and Oracle to disclose the names of journalists and bloggers they paid to report on issues.
* Newsweek slammed for cover photo that's suggestive, and, it turns out, also not original.

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