Sarah Palin's shirt / Pay TV's fears / Touch that dial

Thursday, August 9, 2012
3 things for Thursday:

SARAH PALIN'S SHIRT. A wardrobe choice last week -- including a Superman (or Supergirl) T-shirt -- is fueling political speculation this week.
* Tough-guy comics writer Brian Azzarello reinventing Wonder Woman.

PAY TV's FEARS. Google's move into the TV and broadband Internet business is big reason for the established cable and satellite TV companies to worry.
* What Google's offering.
* Two years after tipping point, newspapers' Web readership booming.
* Owner having tough time selling "" Web address.

TOUCH THAT DIAL. Set it to WBEZ 91.5 FM Friday morning at 9, when I'll join an otherwise-distinguished panel led by Tony Sarabia discussing the week's big news stories. What stories would you put on the table? Comment below, as you see fit.
* Rick O'Dell's Smooth Jazz blog celebrates 25th anniversary of WNUA-FM's launch, today recalling time the news director lost it on the air.


Scott Watson said...

Campaign ads...most, in fact the vast majority of people, hate them. Why then do they air? Can their presence really drive polls?

Brent Zhorne said...

How about discussing the Olympics and specifically the "wardrobe malfunctions" happening in the pool during women's water polo. How is this different than the Superbowl incident a few years ago? Will NBC and its affiliates have problems with the FCC? Should the network do anything about it like tape delay? Should underwater cameras be banned from water polo? Or are we Americans just too prudish when compared with the rest of the Olympic-viewing world?