Getting killed in the comics isn’t so bad

Tuesday, September 18, 2012
Originally posted March 13, 2007—on the occasion of Captain America’s “death” in the comics — by Charlie Meyerson in the Chicago Tribune Daywatch blog:

Captain America fans, take heart. You can be killed in the comics and yet live to blog about it.

From Tribune archives: Kathy O’Malley and Dorothy Collin writing in the Chicago Tribune’s “Inc.” column, Wednesday, December 5, 1990.

Sorry, Charlie

Former Chicagoans John Ostrander and Mike Gold, both now working with DC Comics, included their old friend Charlie Meyerson in the upcoming 
Hawkworld No. 8.

In the comic book (on the stands next week), Meyerson plays his real-life role as WNUA-FM news director—but he’s in a helicopter covering a story about an oil tanker on the Chicago River (hey, this is fantasy, folks) and gets attacked by a giant flying monster; the helicopter crashes, killing Charlie.

At least we think it does; there are flames and it says “Snap!” “Thwank!” “Gyaaaah!” and, finally, “Bwadoom!”

Doesn’t look good for a sequel.
Footnote, Feb. 17, 2022: Ostrander resurrected me in Hawkman (Vol. 3) No. 1, reporting from “the Netherworld.”

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