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Monday, September 17, 2012
3 things for Monday, Chicago.

AN IFFY BUMPER STICKER, BUT, DARN IT, IT JUST MIGHT WORK. Ex-presidential candidate Rick Santorum told the Values Voter Summit over the weekend "We will never have ... smart people on our side."
* Romney team working to dispel "notion of a campaign in disarray"

BEST CHEAP iPHONE BUDS? Think the earphones that came with your iPod or iPhone are lousy? Andy Ihnatko calls the new version "one hell of an upgrade" and, at $29, "the best iPod/iPhone headphones ... under fifty bucks."
* Every Yahoo employee to get an iPhone 5 or other smartphone
* Shazam app upgrade to provide instant social connections for any TV show
* Apple products account for almost 33% of Chinese export growth in Q4
* AllThingsD: The personal computer era is over

FACEBOOK YOUR SCHOOL. If your alma mater doesn't have a decent alumni presence on the Web, you can fix that in minutes. Creating a Facebook group takes just seconds. Adding friends takes just seconds more. If you have any alumni in your existing group of friends, as soon as you invite a few, Facebook is smart enough to recommend lots more. Over the weekend, to share news of the death of a cherished teacher, I created a group with dozens of members. Over the course of a day, membership expanded virally into the hundreds.
* How to see what Facebook knows about you -- and what it tells advertisers
* A guide to Twitter jargon

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