3 discoveries at Chicago's Technori Pitch

Wednesday, October 31, 2012
3 cool, built-in-Chicago things I encountered at last night's Technori Pitch event in Chicago:

Mirrorgram. A free, weird and strangely compelling iPhone app for creating mirrored images. And you can change the location of the "mirror" after the photo's been snapped.

BirdFeud.com. Hey, let's you and him fight! A promising new platform for taking polls, Facebook brawls and other Web-based conflicts to a new level of engagement. Kind of like the late, lamented World Wide Web Fights Grudge Match series.

GoSoapBox. Designed for classrooms, but put to great use for Technori's full house at the Chase Auditorium, GoSoapBox lets the audience use smartphones or laptops to pose questions and vote them up or down, so the moderator can see which are most popular before deciding the ones to pose. I'm recommending this for my next gig as a moderator -- in December for the Publicity Club of Chicago, thanks for asking.

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GroupAtlantic said...

Thanks for the heads-up about GoSoapBox. I'll check this out.

Andy Friedman said...

There are some great startups in Chicago. In my experience, there are a lot of great products, but they need marketing help. With the right marketing, I think most of these new businesses can succeed.