Invasion of the body scanners ... and more

Saturday, October 20, 2012
By request, 5 things today:

O'Hare Airport's getting new body scanning devices, replacing a generation of scanners that the ACLU's Ed Yohnka tells the Sun-Times have been empowering security agents to conduct "virtual strip searches" of passengers. The replacements are faster, too.
* Pro Publica report from 2011: Scientists Cast Doubt on TSA Tests of Full-Body Scanners

'NO GROUNDING IN SCIENCE AND ... COMPLETELY INACCURATE.' A Northwestern University doctor is among those condemning Republican Rep. Joe Walsh's declaration that "you can't find one instance" of an abortion necessary to save a woman's life.
* Walsh issues clarification: "I find it amazing that both the local media and the national media are so fascinated that I and most Americans actually feel passionately about protecting the sanctity of life."
* Abortions getting tougher to obtain in dozens of states

THE BOAT THEY MISSED. What should Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have said when asked about all those Apple products made in China? Arik Hesseldahl of AllThingsD serves up an answer he'd have liked to hear from either of them.
* The answers they did give
* Bloomberg gets tough on Obama and Romney

IT WAS JUST A MATTER OF, UM, TIME? Newsweek's print edition dies at the end of the year. The Atlantic's Derek Thompson says the company's plan to transition to a "subscriber-only product for the tablet ... is an answer to the wrong question."
* The Onion brags: "Thriving 'Onion' Puts Another Print Edition Out Of Business"

SPEAKING OF THE ONION... Its editor, Will Tracy, and its head writer, Seth Reiss, visited Rick Kogan on The Afternoon Shift Wednesday to talk about their new book, The Onion Book of Known Knowledge. Guess what the entry on "Chicago" says.

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