Journalism on fast-forward

Friday, October 19, 2012
3 things for journalism students this week:

2nd SCREEN TIME. If you didn't monitor Twitter while watching the presidential debates, Will Oremus writes in Slate, "you missed half the show. The rest of it was on Twitter, where the nation’s journalists, comedians, politicians, and armchair pundits were busy dissecting, fact-checking, spinning, and riffing on every word the candidates uttered, almost as fast as they could utter it."

GRAPHIC WARNING. lets anyone "create cool info-graphics on the fly" and share them as easily as one would a photo. Tech Crunch asks: Death knell for designers?

-- The Drudge Report is worth hundreds of millions, according to Henry Blodget, writing in Business Insider.
-- Is LinkedIn's executive editor the Internet's most powerful business journalist?

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