3 things for young reporters

Thursday, November 1, 2012
What journalism students will hear this week:

TWITTER RISING. In big breaking news stories, Twitter could prove the best thing out there. Which doesn't mean it doesn't pose problems. But, as John Herrman writes: "Twitter is a fact-processing machine on a grand scale, propagating then destroying rumors at a neck-snapping pace. To dwell on the obnoxiousness of the noise is to miss the result: That we end up with more facts, sooner, with less ambiguity."
* "Assume nothing. Everything matters." -- Michele Weldon, by way of Susy Schultz

REAL JOURNALISTS DON'T CLAP. For sports reporters at a game, the rule is "no cheering in the press box." For political reporters on Election Night, same thing. And that goes for business reporters at big product rollouts, too.

'DISRUPTIVE JOURNALISM'? OR JUST 'JOURNALISM'? Lance Armstrong might've gotten away with it if bloggers and Tweeters hadn't picked up the journalistic slack.
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