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Friday, November 16, 2012
3 things for Friday, Chicago.

* Stalwart (but, once you got to know him, funny and irreverent) Tribune Tower guardian
* United Center Parking Lot J
* Twinkies (maybe, but probably not; on the other hand, contrary to myth, they don't last forever)

BEEN HERE, DONE THAT. A D.C. radio newsman is celebrated for covering the capital with little more than an iPhone for 10 months. I know a whole team of radio reporters who did the same thing in Chicago for a year.
* 15 collaboration tools for journalists

MEYERSONS vs. PONCES? Despite my best half-hearted efforts to quell a Twitter-fueled grudge between media families, WBEZ-FM's Rick Kogan is agitating for a showdown. This will end badly.

... But the Ponces sing so beautifully!

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