What is Meyerson Strategy?

Monday, October 12, 2020
Meyerson Strategy is intelligence gained from more than two decades watching audience behavior, often minute-by-minute, at some of Chicago’s most prominent digital news operations—including the Chicago Tribune.

Meyerson Strategy is insight built on decades in radio—where the mantra “Don’t be a tuneout” is baked into every story. Radio has fought tuneout almost from its inception. Now, when every organization finds its competition just a click away, “being a tuneout” is something no organization can afford.

Meyerson Strategy is innovation, honed on the startup frontier.

Meyerson Strategy is training, based on years of college lecturing and business consulting (American Bar Association, Crain Communications, Northwestern University, American Institutes for Research, Boeing Co., Direct Energy, Inside.com, The Brief Lab, Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, and more).

Is your email newsletter going unopened? Is your website unvisited? Are your Facebook posts unshared? Is your podcast falling flat? Is your staff daunted by audience metrics? Meyerson Strategy will work for you.

A case study

A major professional organization, concerned its content wasn’t delivering the audience it could, asked for help. Meyerson Strategy gathered available analytics and then dissected subject lines, Web headlines and layout, social media performance, podcast structure and metrics.

That analysis demonstrated what was connecting and what wasn’t—and how to use insights from the one to improve performance of the other.

Outcome: Five successive months—and 10 of the following 12 months—of record pageviews for a site that previously hadn’t seen two successive record months. The owner of the company that helped develop the site calls the results “astonishing.”

Meyerson Strategy is about connecting great work with growing audiences—at the speed of news.

What is Meyerson Strategy? In a word: “Astonishing.”

If your great work needs to reach a larger audience, you need astonishing results.

You need Meyerson Strategy.

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