While you were sleeping …

Friday, August 26, 2016
… or working, or disrobing because you signed an "Apprentice" contract a little too hastily, this blog has merrily been serving up plenty of great listening from the archives over the last week. Now's your chance to catch up.
  • Tuesday: Memories of the Big Band era and the Watergate scandal from Leonard Garment, maybe the hippest guy in the Nixon Administration.
  • Wednesday: A chat with William Gibson, the science fiction writer who saw cyberspace coming, but didn't get an email address for years.
  • Thursday: Three (count 'em, three!)  interviews with Pulitzer Prize-winning author and columnist Dave Barry — one in which he suggested my boss fire me.
  • Friday: An interview with one of the co-creators of "Sesame Street," Jeff Moss, recorded just months before his death.
  • Other stuff you missed before that.
Next week: Understanding Understanding Comics.
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