Radio's great power: Live, local content

Tuesday, September 13, 2016
My nana’s Phlco radio
(Click to hear “Media Creatures.”)
In September 1998—as a “newsman without portfolio,” the month after my release by WNUA-FM and a couple of months before signing on with the Chicago Tribune—I joined Kathy Voltmer and Rick Kogan to fill in for their then-cohost Richard Roeper on their WMVP-AM 1000 radio show, “Media Creatures.”

“Speaking as a person—which is all I really am now, since I don’t have a job,” I weighed in on the challenges I foresaw for radio, even before the rise of the iPod and smartphones:

“The great power of radio and its best defense against the onslaught of other media—whether it’s internet-based radio, digital radio, satellite radio, even these hundred-CD jukebox players that people have in their homes and offices—is live, local content.”

The issues we discussed then remain relevant, as you’ll hear in this excerpt.

HEAR ALSO: Over the years, Rick’s been kind enough to invite me to join him on a number of occasions. Like this one, almost 15 years later.

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